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MULTIPLE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION JHAGADIA, a voluntary, development-oriented institution has been working incessantly for the past 4 years for the improvement of people in their health and other fields in the rural and tribal areas of Jhagadia in South Gujarat. Inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda and Gandhiji, the activities were started by a group of educated young professionals having work experience in India . Over the years many like-minded individuals joined hands with them in the development of the organization and made it what it is today. It has been the endeavour of MULTIPLE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION to reach out to improve the lives of the very poor and underprivileged through a variety of health, education and economic development programmes based on the needs of the community in these aspects. Preservation of the intrinsic value systems and broad based development of all those involved including the beneficiaries are kept in mind while carrying out these activities. The focus of all programmes has been the vulnerable members of the family, viz. the women, children and elderly of the poor sections of the society. In all the activities, an attempt is made to incorporate as well as balance the three basic principles: Social Service, Scientific Approach and Spiritual Outlook. The various activities of the organization include: • Educational programs and projects , • Health care activities and projects , • Sawas Environment Activities and projects, • Awerness programs and activities MULTIPLE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION believes in working jointly and in a broad based manner with local community, various national and international organisations, individual well-wishers, government departments, industries, educational institutions etc. Due this approach,  it is ensured that the benefits of the developmental work reaches the needy people of tribal and rural community and make a long term positive impact in their lives.



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d2, shardakunj society, Nr.st-depo jhagadia, 393110