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Shri JK PROPERTY & DEVELOPERS is a premier real estate player based out of Bhopal, India. Since 2006, It have helped change the landscape of Bhopal through a number of commercial and residential projects.Shri JK PROPERTY & DEVELOPERS wishes to focus on real estate market of Bhopal, where it currently holds a land bank of about 300 acres, and add more value to the land holdings by doing specific high-value projects. With this vision, we have embarked on multiplex project on Nilbad Road, which is projected as the highest growth region in the city. Company Highlights, Have built an incredible reputation in the city of Bhopal over the past 12 years for integrity and transparency in deals ,Commands a premium for its products in market , Current portfolio comprises of Commercial complexes and residential developments. Contact:7566960476,9303125453,8602637251



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