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Make in India Make in India  Country India Prime Minister(s) Narendra Modi Key people Ministry of Finance Launched 25 September 2014; 3 years ago Make in India, a type of Swadeshi movementcovering 25 sectors of the economy,[1] was launched by the Government of India on 25 September 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India and also increase their investment. As per the current policy, 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is permitted in all 25 sectors, except for space(74%), defence (49%) and news media (26%).[2][3] Japan and India had also announced a US$12 billion "Japan-India Make-in-India Special Finance Facility" fund to push investment.[4] After the launch, India received investment commitments worth ₹16.40 lakh crore(US$240 billion) and investment inquiries worth ₹1.5 lakh crore (US$22 billion) between September 2014 to February 2016.[5][6][7] As a result, India emerged as the top destination globally in 2015 for foreign direct investment(FDI), surpassing the USA and China, with US$60.1 billion FDI.[8] Several states launched their own Make in India initiatives, such as Vibrant Gujarat, "Happening Haryana" and "Magnetic Maharashtra".[9] India received US $60 billion FDI in FY 2016-17.[10] Combined with other initiatives by the end of 2017, India rose 42 places on Ease of doing business index, 32 places World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, and 19 notches in the Logistics Performance Index.[10] This initiative converges, synergises and enables other important Government of India schemes, such as Bharatmala, Sagarmala, Dedicated Freight Corridors, Industrial corridors, UDAN-RCS, Bharat Broadband Network, Digital India.



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