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A self made started Neelam Solnki his career as a menefectury for FMCG companies in 2018 He earned the goodwill of his principals, sticks manufacturing since 2018 Agarbatti and chandy is a name that has earned the respect, good will and faith of its consumers and competitors a like. through their hard work, dedication, and agarbatti mosquito Herbal agarbatti Iso 9001 2018 Mosquito Harble Agarbatti white agarbatti black agarbatti raw agarbatti FMCG M V FOOD PRODUCTS rau Indore Product description: • 100% natural • Repel mosquito • Soothing effect and chandy and choclate flavour We do have flavours in our palette: Butterscotch exotica Eclair flavour with almond Eclair flavour with cashew Eclair flavour with jelly Bourbon flavour with cashew Crackles masala chandhy , soft chandy , hard chandy , imli, Eclairs Butterscotch,Eclair exotica Fruit and nuts Eclair flavour Rose exotica Strawberry exotica Strawberry flavour Vanilla exotica Vanilla flavour Butterscotch exotica Butterscotch cashew exotica Butterscotch almond exotica Almond,vanilla exotica Butterscotch, Bourbon exotica Strawberry,almond exotica IAS Additional Chief Secretary GOVERNMENT OF INDORE FORESTS AND ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT rau indore www.mvfoods.com  



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