Find out what kind of Attitude you posses .....?

"Attitude" is not only the way of thinking but also at what scale it contributes to action.

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Find out what kind of Attitude you posses .....?

I don't know much about what well known authors have already said about attitude or how they define "Attitude" but the vocabulary meanings as i found in dictionary were

a) a way of thinking.

b) a position of the body.

c) self confidence or aggressive behavior (i.e. informal)

But that's not all, i insist. How i see "Attitude" is  not only the way of thinking but also at what scale it contributes to your action.  How you negotiates in unusual circumstances. In other words "Attitude is not just an element of  behavior but a necessary skill to win."


Once, when i said the similar thing in a counseling session of a Clint, He asked , "If attitude is a skill, than can anyone be attitudinize in a desired way?" , "Yes..!" I replied, "but to  decide what kind of attitude is to be induced, first there should be a clear idea of different kind of attitudes, and a best among them."

So here is the variety of attitude i observed and classified from different case studies:

1. Active Attitude.

2. Passive Attitude.

lets have a look on vocabulary meaning of "Active" and "passive" before proceeding.The term "Active" is described as moving about often or energetically or regularly taking part in something. And the term "Passive" is described as accepting what happens without resisting. Still it was not enough to explain why some people comes out extraordinarily in tough times whereas some collapse in similar situations. So i further classified their attitude according to their opinion or belief and coarse of action inspired by it. Here is the further classification as :


Optimistically Active Attitude : This kind of attitude is also called "Winner's attitude". This involves not only positive and confident perceptions about probability of success but also accelerate implementation and execution of ideas and plannings consistently, till the desired conclusion is reached.

e.g. Corp-orates,  Leaders,  Adventurers, Scientists Etc.

Pessimistically Active Attitude: They take risks but in wrong way as they lose their faith in goodness and kindness. They are hopeless and directionless but too much energetic and fearless people. They don't follow rules, in fact they love to disobey them. They always take challenges but never care about ethics. They must have faced tragedies in life up to such extent that they becomes emotionless, and they are so desperate for success that legal illegal never matters to them. e.g. Criminals mostly.

Optimistically Passive Attitude:

This kind of people often considered lazy, some times funny and also recognized as "Day Dreamers". They knows  it very well that nothing is impossible but do not dare to take initiative. They posses low self confidence and always seek for support. They might be superstitious and have more faith in destiny than hard work, also they are over confident and always seek for shortcuts. e.g. Gamblers.

Pessimistically Passive Attitude: At last the worst among the all is neither hoping for well nor doing well such ordinary people seek for no sign of hope and always try to retain their comfort zone. These people are so doubtful about their own capabilities and always remain losers or average performers. They assign a high intensity field of negative energy around them and get stuck to the point that there is no problem or tragedy bigger than what they are going through. Thus it can also be stated as "loser's attitude".They don't even dare to dream big. They simply accepts that not everyone is born to win. And remain satisfied on minimum livelihood. They work hard and get paid little.e.g. Lower Employees, Labor, Followers etc.


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