Apple iPhone X, I so desperately want to like you

My daily driver is an iPhone 6s Plus, prior to this I’ve owned every iPhone since the iPhone 3G

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My daily driver is an iPhone 6s Plus, prior to this I’ve owned every iPhone since the iPhone 3G.

I purchase my phones outright, cascade my old phone to my son and sell his to put towards the cost of my new phone - win win. But, much to the annoyance of my son, I stopped.

Like most of us, my smartphone is an integral part of my daily life, primarily because of the ‘smart’ part. It controls my home, links with my watch, tracks important family members, streams my music, photographs and videos anything and everything. It links to my smart scales, navigates me around when we’re out and about, hails a taxi when we’re incapable of driving (if you get my drift) all with great security enabled by TouchID. So, buying a new phone will make all that and more better, right?

Wrong! You see, most of us, even if we don’t care to admit it, make emotional decisions first and then we proceed to justify those decisions to ourselves (and to our loved ones) with facts.

When Apple introduced the last major form factor change from the iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, I simply had to have one. I desired the latest design because of its looks first and foremost, which was all legitimatized by the "great" specs.

That's the primary reason I've skipped the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Build quality aside, it's an aging design, made to look even more anachronistic when compared to its bezel-deprived competition. It stands out for the wrong reasons, akin to "Hagrid" hanging out with Victoria's Secret Angels. The reality is that all those daily tasks I spoke about, apart from the camera, would barely improve with a faster device - for me and what I use my phone for the iPhone 6s Plus is fast enough.

As I've tied myself into the Apple Ecosystem, I waited for the mythical bezel-less iPhone.

For me this would be a slam-dunk purchase, so I got ready thinking about those all so important specifications to help justify spending over $1,000 to my wife! Goodbye Hagrid, hello Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Or so I thought, what I got instead was more Cyclops from the X-Men.

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