BMW G310R, G310GS sales in India cross 1,640 units in 2018

BMW Motorrad sales crossed 2,187 units in 2018.

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.  By Rishab on January 3, 2019 2018 was the first year of operations for BMW Motorrad India. During this, the company sold a total of 2,187 motorcycles. This is a huge number for a premium motorcycle brand, when considering the fact that this was their 1st year in India. BMW India revealed that of these 2,187 motorcycles, more than 75% were thanks to the newly launched G310R and G310GS twins. This means, more than 1,640 units of G310R and G310GS have been sold in India in 2018.  Launched only in July 2018, G310R and G310GS motorcycle sales figures have been impressive. In spite of being the most affordable BMW motorcycles on sale in the market, prices of G310R and G310GS have been a major point of discussion among enthusiasts. In spite of being made in India by TVS, prices of G310R and G310GS were higher than compared to their prices in the US, where the bikes were on sale as CBU imports from India. BMW never revealed any specific reason behind high pricing. Image – BMW India dealer Later in 2018, both BMW G310R and G310GS were being sold at huge discounts of up to Rs 70,000. This could have added to further boost sales of the two bikes in India. G310R and G310GS are powered by the same 313 cc single cylinder engine, which also powers the TVS Apache 310. Power output of this engine is 34 hp and 28 Nm. Mated to a six speed MT, the engine allows acceleration of 0-60 kmph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 143 kmph. Price of G310R is Rs 2.99 lakhs, and that of G310GS is 3.69 lakhs. All prices are ex-showroom.

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