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have lamented over the last couple
of Ben 10 games, about how the developers seemed to completely miss the boat on
what the show is about. In the series featured on Cartoon Network, Ben Tennyson
is a young man who was (un)fortunate enough to be on a trip with his Grandpa Max
and cousin Gwen when a

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device called the Omnitrix attaches itself to Ben’s wrist. This device (which
looks like a weird watch) is actually the most powerful weapon in the galaxy,
for in it the DNA of thousands of aliens is stored and the wearer may transform
into any one of them. Problem is, the watch (which it is called in the series)
did not come with an instruction manual and while heroic in nature, Ben’s
efforts were often humorous and with the help of his family, ended up all good
in the end. Well, in this early years, Ben faced off against all sorts of
villains, the main one being a galactic despot named Vilgax. Vilgax wanted the
watch for himself so as to dominate the Universe. Well, long story short (too
late) Ben defeated Vilgax and sent him packing to lick his wounds.

The past incarnations of the license
always seemed to make it so Ben would only have a couple of the aliens in his
arsenal. That you could essentially play as the alien you liked most, and only
switch to the other aliens if you needed to climb a boat mast or glide over
lava. Not to mention things never really gelled all that well, aliens did things
they never did in the show, in short, the past games were stinkers.So keep up with me now, Ben has
grown a few years older and had stopped adventuring with Grandpa, who it turns
out was a Government type called "A Plumber" who fixed crisis-type problems
involving aliens. And in the latest Ben 10 Series (Alien Force) Ben has been
armed with a new slew of aliens, his cousin Gwen is now a full-blown sorceress
and the one-time enemy Kevin Levin is now part of the team.

The facts surrounding this title.
Cartoon Network has managed to come up with a storyline that is completely
original, falls in a splinter of time before the end of the last season’s ending
– but after many of the characters were found – AND manages to make everything
make sense. Additionally, since the game was written by series writers, they
also stay true to the lore of Ben 10. Finally, Cartoon Network gave Papaya
studios their blessing to come up with their own ideas as to what the homeworlds
of the featured aliens look like. The result is much better than anticipated.

Now in the game, Vilgax has returned
and wants to unleash his latest weapon on the Earth, the Null Void Cannon.
Vilgax is ticked off and he wants to make Ben pay for what he had done to him.
Vilgax has all his minions, many of which are baddies Ben has dealt with before,
but it gets crazier; Ben ends up getting all sorts of messed up and has to
travel to other planets in order to set things right. I am, taking great liberty
with the story and I do this because it is like a giant Ben 10 movie, and I
don’t want to cause spoilers. But I will tell you this – you only play as Ben,
you have some seriously big challenges in front of you and you need to
understand that Papaya has made an adventure game that steps a bit away from the
game’s of Ben’s past.
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