Best TV Shows of 2018: Gadgets 360 Staff Pick Their Favourite TV Sh

Sacred Games appears multiple times in this list
HBO’s Barry also appears to be an in-house favourite
Better Call Saul was picked by more than one person too

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We love binge-watching TV shows just as much as we love watching movies. It takes a lot more time to watch a TV show than a movie (obviously), but we still managed to binge quite a few of these through 2018. When we began compiling our favourite TV shows of 2018, we asked our colleagues to limit it to shows that aired new episodes this year.

However, some of us are always catching up with last year's shows so this piece doesn't always follow the criteria we set. You will find some who watched five great TV shows in 2018 and others who picked a 2017 TV show that they watched this year. From Japanese anime to Indian sitcoms, our colleagues have as wide a taste in TV shows as you can expect.Here are our favourite TV shows of 2018.

Abhinav Lal: Megalo Box, Adam Sandler 100% Fresh, Castlevania, The Final Table, and Devilman Crybaby
For this list, I went through my Netflix viewing activity - rather exhaustively (I gave up when I reached as far back as April). I've watched several shows this year, and many to their completion (whether of the season or the show), and of course, a significant proportion of those weren't made in 2018.

By nature, I dislike arranging the entertainment I view into ‘Best of' ranked lists, and for that reason, let me just name a few titles I really enjoyed this year. Megalo Box, an anime that featured better action than I expected from a boxing show, and had a classic underdog storyline. Adam Sandler 100% Fresh, the Netflix comedy special, because I've always been a fan of Adam Sandler. I was rather ‘meh' about his musical comedy, but this one changed my mind.Season 2, an anime show with amazing artwork, kickass action, and a tragic storyline. The Final Table — a culinary show — while I am still on the fence about the show's judging system, and I disagreed with the verdict, the creativity of the chefs was interesting.Finally, Devilman Crybaby (yes, I like anime). While I have mixed feelings about the show, its great artwork and action certainly made it stand out for me in 2018. But caution: it's extremely Aditya Shenoy: Grand Tour and Sacred Games
Thanks to streaming services, the amount of quality content I watch in the comfort of my home has gone up. One of my favorite TV shows is Grand Tour which is onGrand Tour, of course, is a British motoring television series hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. These three hosted BBC's Top Gear for years and have reviewed countless number of cars. The show is part of pre-recorded sections and in-studio audience segments which makes it interesting.

The second season released in 2018 and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and, James May doing what they do best.

Sacred Games was another series I enjoyed thanks to the story line and the direction. The characters really came alive on the screen. I'm looking forward to the next season.

Watch Sacred Games on Netflix

Akhil Arora: The Americans
2018 was filled with great TV and it's good to see my fellow colleagues recognise some of those below in Killing Eve, Sharp Objects, Barry, and Better Call Saul. All four of those would be in my top 10 but since I have to name one, I'm going to go with something that's been largely ignored from start to finish, despite delivering some of the best writing, acting, direction, and character growth since Breaking Bad. And with the show ending this year, I can't allow it to be forgotten.
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