Fake news alert! 'Maharashtra High Court' hasn't banned PUBG Mobile game

Fake news is doing rounds on Facebook and the Internet claiming that High Court of Maharashtra has banned PUBG game. PUBG Mobile has already bagged Go

Posted 12 months ago in Gaming.

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PUBG, in a very short period of time, has become a huge gaming sensation and has already rated as the most popular mobile game of 2018. PUBG isn't just limited to mobile and has been available on PC and other gaming platforms. There's no doubt that PUBG has been attracting all kinds of news stories - some which tell you it's one of the greatest games available while some suggest it is also addictive and need a check. Now, the latest round of fake news suggests that 'High Court of Maharashtra' has banned PUBG Mobile. We want to alert our readers that it's a piece of fake news and you shouldn't believe this piece of information.
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