National War Memorial Will Be Dedicated To Nation Tomorrow, Says PM InMann Ki Baat: Highlights

New Delhi: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today, in the 53rd episode of his monthly radio-broadcast Mann Ki Baat. Today's episode was PM Modi's first radio address after the Pulwama terror attack, in which 40 CRPF soldiers laid down their lives.

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In the last edition of the broadcast, the Prime Minister had spoken about the contribution of the Election Commission of India towards strengthening the democracy and had also urged young people to register as voters.

PM Modi has spoken about several key issues, including education of girls, exam stress, pollution and drug abuse in his previous broadcasts.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat:  After the martyrdom of our soldiers in the Pulwama terror attack, there is a lot of anger and resentment among the people of the countryThere's angst in all our hearts. I salute the soldiers who sacrificed their lives.  Their sacrifice will motivate us and strengthen our resolvePeople are angry after the Pulwama attack but this anger needs to be directed towards ending terrorismAfter the martyrdom of the heroic soldiers, the inspiring words of their families have given a new thrust to the courage of the whole nationIn Bihar's Bhagalpur, the father of the martyr Ratan Thakur, Ramniranji, in this hour of grief, has displayed such spirit which inspires all of usWhen the body of the martyr Vijay Shoren, wrapped in tricolor, reached Jharkhand's Gulla, his innocent son said that even he would join the army. The spirit of this innocent is reflective of what every child in the country is feeling today. Such sentiments can be seen at the homes of the soldiers who lost their lives.

I will request the younger generation to try and understand the spirit and emotions of these families.

We don't need to look at the pages of history to understand what patriotism is or what is sacrifice is

I was surprised and pained to see India did not have a National War Memorial; A memorial where the gallantry of soldiers, who gave their lives to protect the nation, can be honoured. I decided that there must be a monument like this in our country

Today if our youth need an inspiring personality for guidance, it is Bhagwan Birsa Munda. Bhagwan Birsa Munda, with his traditional bow and arrow shook the British Empire armed with guns and cannons

Jamshedji Tata was truly a visionary who not only saw the future of India but also made its foundations strong

Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai was born on February 29. He was among the country's most disciplined politicians

During the tenure of Morarji Desai, the 44th amendment to constitution was brought about. This was important, because during the emergency, the 42nd amendment -- which curtailed the powers of the Supreme Court and introduced other provisions -- was reversed

We all will be busy with elections for the next two months. I myself will be a candidate in this election. Keeping with the democratic traditions, the next 'Mann Ki Baat' will be on the last Sunday of May
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