Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date, price, leaks, rumours: everything we already know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is due for launch in summer 2019. The Galaxy Note 9 Samsung unveiled in August 2018 was certainly a head-turner, so how will Samsung make what's essentially the best Android phone on the market even better? We've already heard plenty of rumours in that direction, both abou

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We haven't managed to sneak into any Samsung boardroom meetings lately, but nevertheless it seems a safe bet that the Galaxy Note 10 will break cover in August 2019, a year after the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9.

Remember we've got the Galaxy S10 phones to come first, which we now know are going to break cover on 20 February. We should see more of the handsets and maybe a sneak preview of the Note 10 at Mobile World Congress (25-28 February), the event where the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were launched last year.

August would then be six months later, giving each flagship phone half a year to make an impact before the next one arrives. That's the template Samsung stuck to last year and we're not expecting any significant changes.

As for the price of the Galaxy Note 10, you might want to get saving: the Galaxy Note 9 went on sale for £899 / $1,000 for the lowest configuration, and we see no reason for that to drop next year (with phones like the iPhone XS Max pushing prices even higher). This is going to be one premium-level phone, so expect a premium-level price, not least because 5G techis expected to be included.

If current leaks are an indication, not only will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 come equipped to be used with 5G networks but it might be Samsung's first flagship 5G phone.That's because the latest rumours say that there won't be a 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 announced at launch after all, and that Samsung's new 5G processor, the Exynos 9825, could be ready in the second half of this year, which means it could be ready in time for the Samsung Note 10 release date. Read more in our explainer Samsung Note 10 not Galaxy S10 will be Samsung's first 5G phone.By now we know Samsung's approach to the design of the Galaxy Note series: large handsets, with minimal bezels and curved screens. That means we could be looking at something like the concept phone in this videoput together by mobile tech industry designer TechConfigurations, based on the speculation we've seen so far.

If this video is on the mark we're going to be getting a 6.5-inch screen – up from the 6.4 inches of the Note 9, but probably with the same 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution. The bezels have been banished to just about nothing, with a pop-up front-facing camera and an in-screen fingerprint sensor included too.

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